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apfelstrudel mit vanillesauce - my fav desert in Bavaria, Germany

little things that make me happy / march 25th

1. going to the zoo and laughing our ass off watching the lemurs. i didn’t know they are actually taking some yoga position while meditating on the strange people staring at them. the lemurs seemed to be happy and wisdom.

2. having a peaceful launch with our best friends, at madame pogany restaurant. a cool place in town with lots of advertising people usually showing off around there. it’s cozy and nice, though. i had a risotto with parmigiano, yummy.

3. while taking my “10 minutes dream of australia” break, i remembered about one of my fav ads - carlton draught - big ad. even if it’s 5 years old, it’s a cannes winner and i still enjoy it.

Let’s take our bim-bim to a ride, shall we?

Maybe a nice design for one of my freshly refurbished walls? Hmmm…copyright, anyone? :)

Cave Birds - Some Lightning Thrill (by cavebirds)

"hmmm…that stake will be miiiine!"

Taken with instagram

My Older Dog Waiting - Imgur


Aurora Borealis above Eielson Air Force Base, Bear Lake, Alaska.

Smth i have to see in this life. Promise :)

(via discoverynews)

Read it and be grateful for any given day of your life.

Your newf Mati is a CUTIE! : D


heey, thank you :D he’s blushing ;;)

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